Premises Liability / Trip / Slip & Falls




Florida Law provides that the owner or operator of property or business is legally responsible for another person's injuries, if they either knew, or in the exercise of reasonable care, should have known, of a dangerous condition, and failed to repair or clean such a dangerous condition. Florida law provides a number of restrictions upon on these types of cases, therefore the gathering of important evidence, photos, and witness testimonies are crucial. We, at the Law Offices of Itzhak Bachar, P.A. pride ourselves in getting the maximum possible results on selected trip and fall and slip and fall cases.



 When someone is injured while visiting a business or some other property, the owner of the property may be liable (legally responsible) if it can be proved that their negligence or recklessness through their negligent actions or inactions led to the injury. In slip and fall or trip and fall accidents, it is not enough to prove that you slipped/tripped and fell in a property. Generally injured people must prove that the property owner or manager failed to maintain the property, created a dangerous condition, or failed to fix a dangerous condition which caused an injury. The owner or manager may also be responsible if they did not warn you of the hazardous condition. 


 There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to representing victims of slip and fall accidents. It’s important that you find a South Florida slip and fall attorney who will give your case personalized attention. Our firm will investigate your case to identify all potentially liable parties. We will gather evidence of liability before it becomes unavailable, which might include:

  • Surveillance footage of your fall;
  • Witness testimony;
  • Testimony from expert witnesses;
  • Records of slips and falls on the same property;
  • Photos of the dangerous condition that caused your fall;
  • Maintenance records; and
  • The incident and police reports. Contact us today! 305.652.1113